Who Am I?

We ask ourselves this all the time. Searching for purpose and validity. I am lucky to find purpose in the work I do and I love doing it too.

I am an artist that showcases a person's inner beauty, confidence and hidden persona with makeup and skincare.  I connect with each person to highlight things that are just below the surface, something that might not have been realized. Whether the person in front of me has an internal bad ass that wants to play, a diva that wants to shine or an angelic beauty that is always hidden, I use makeup and skincare to set them free.

Oliver believes your beauty products shouldn't be the cause of your skin concerns.  There are too many products available in the market that perpetuate a cycle of harm through unregulated ingredient usage and corporate red tape.  At Oliver Beauty, I use 2 Good-For-You skincare lines, EVER & LimeLight by Alcone.  Created with botanically derived ingredients and built with leading scientific research for  highly effective, fast acting skincare lines.  Limelight also has cruelty free, paraben free, certified professional makeup.  

You now have a place to go for your beauty needs without the guilt of harming yourself, your family, your environment and the world.
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